Hormones & Food


Cortisol is a stress hormone, it destroys muscle tissue and leads to an increase in the fat layer.  Getting stress, the body spends large energy reserves and, as a protective reaction, requires it to quickly make up for food.

✅ Turn on citrus fruits in the diet – vitamin C will reduce cortisol by 30%, and forget about coffee better: caffeine raises the hormone level in the blood.


Adrenalin, although a relative of cortisol, has the opposite effect on metabolic processes.  The leap of adrenaline suppresses the feeling of hunger, breaks down fats and releases energy, but the weight set is fraught with a strong decrease in the hormone and, as a result, a deterioration in metabolism.


Endorphin is the hormone that tells the brain that it was time to eat chocolate.  Leptin is responsible for appetite and saturation.  Not only food, but also sleep affects the amount of hormone – hence the fact that people sleeping less than seven hours per night are more prone to obesity.

✅ Do not save in a dream and use more foods rich in omega-3 acids.


Women’s hormones of estrogens increase weight exponentially – weight gain directly depends on their deficiency.  Estrogen affects the menstrual cycle and the distribution of fat deposits.  Often the lack of sex hormones provokes a love for sweets.

✅ The doctor’s consultation is impossible to treat the imbalance of sex hormones.  But you can adjust the nutrition by refusing beer, coffee, legumes, sugar and adding superfuds and fiber (fresh fruits and vegetables) to the diet.


The passion for sweets, donuts and other goodies we owe insulin – it is he who is responsible for the synthesis of glucose in the body.

✅ Do not allow sharp insulin jumps.  Consume more proteins, carbohydrates should not exceed 50 % and do not miss training – loads are best normalized in blood sugar.

Remember that a strong hormonal failure can only be corrected doctor but also directly affect the power hormony😌


➡️Ghrelin – hunger hormone. Ghrelin is often satisfied breakdowns hard fan of diets. Jump hormone can be caused by the same lack of sleep, and the result will be the appetite, leading to overeating.


✅ try to minimize soda and other drinks with fructose. Lean fish, cereals, bran.



➡️Dopamine without him we would become dull thick hypochondriacs: Dopamine (also popularly pleasure hormone) helps control weight, just need to learn to enjoy the “right” foods.

✅ adjust dopamine help green tea, fish, strawberries, bananas and apples – these foods are rich in tyrosine, which is synthesized from dopamine.