We at Kensho understand how difficult it can be to lose weight. The lost time you spent on a wrong diet, not seeing progress in the gym and disappointing moments on the scale.

Just like you, we want you to win!

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Do you want to lose kilos, get fitter and stay  healthier in just 10 weeks?

Then this program is perfect for you! At “Lose It!“ we focus on your personal goals. This can be reaching your target weight or, for example, finding a better balance between body and mind.

What Is The Lose-it Program?

Are you motivated to lose weight? That starts with a new lifestyle. In 10 weeks we give you all the tools you need to achieve lasting results. All we need from you is your confidence and perseverance.

You will have your own coach who is always available and will assist you for 10 weeks to achieve your goals.

We do this by setting body analyse and coaching moments

These moments show you your progress per week so that you stay extra motivated.

You then exercise at least 4 times a week for 10 weeks.
You will join 3 times a week our group classes and once a week to special lose it training with your personal coach and small group.

These moments show you your progress per week so that you stay extra motivated.

After weekly body analyses moment, you will receive weekly adjusted menu.

You won’t go hungry for a moment; your metabolism will go up and you will learn in these 10 weeks how your body works and what is good for you. After the 10 weeks you will receive our aftercare program, so that the kilos you lost will never come back!

Let's start your fitness journey!


Your personal coach from us who is always available and who will help you with the training and the right nutrition. This way we immediately approach every step in the process in a way that you feel comfortable with!


Lose kilos in a healthy way via lose it and reach your target weight. Your personalized nutrition plan will help you with this.


By exercising you produce all kinds of fine chemicals/hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. In short, sports and healthier lifestyle make you happy!


Lose it is not just about exercising and losing weight, but also about your mindset. We teach you a new lifestyle. This way you will also stay healthy and happy after those ten weeks.

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